Wix or WordPress a brief explanation by Lexi Media

Wix or WordPress?

Lets keep this brief and not waffle on.

You’re looking to build a new website and have no idea where to start.

People have mentioned a bunch of platforms and now you don’t know where to turn…

Wix and WordPress are amongst two of the main platforms mentioned but they are vastly different.

Firstly, let me ask who recommended Wix?

Was it someone who said “I managed to do it myself and it was super easy…”?

Thing is, there’s more to just a website than building something simple and pretty.

But that is the basis of the lure with the Wix free account.

It’s simple. It can be pretty.

That is as far as it goes really.

Think of it like Duplo Lego. My first website. For ages 2 to 5.

Now, WordPress.

This is like the functional and highly technical version of Lego. It can do really cools stuff and is for the big kids to play with.

Wix Duplo Website Builder and WordPress Lego Technic Website Builder

WordPress can do so much more than Wix.

It the reason why more websites in the world are built on WordPress and so very few are built on Wix.

In fact, over 36% of ALL websites are built on WordPress compared to just 1.4% built on Wix.

But why is that?

Possibly because of the open source programming leading to over 55,000 plugins to give the WordPress core software much more advanced functionality… and it’s rapidly growing.

Whereas Wix, has the wix software and the Wix addons developed only by the Wix team. Meaning you have very limited choices on what you can do with your Wix website.

Did I lose you at “open source programming”?

Let me explain…

WordPress was started as a platform to build better blogging sites on. The two guys who started kinda knew they couldn’t do it alone so they called upon a community of enthusiasts to contribute. The core code of the software was deliberately readable by programmers so they could build things that work with WordPress and allow it to do more.

That’s led to those 55,000+ (there even more not listed on the WordPress repository!) plugins that can do anything to turn your website from a blogging platform to a membership site, e-commerce site, e-learning site or even a directory site, plus much more! What-ever you can think of, it’s pretty much do-able in WordPress and not only is it do-able, but you have a choice of ways to do it.

Want to take payments? Choose from plenty of plugins that allow you to do that.

Want a membership site? Choose from tens of plugins that enable a WordPress site to become a membership site. Find which one works for you.

With Wix? You have a choice of one option to do e-commerce (and that will cost you!) and if you don’t like the way that one addon works… TUFF!

Want to create a membership site on Wix? Er… good luck with that. C(Currently) they do not have a membership option. So you’ll have to rely on another platform to do that. Welcome to managing TWO platforms and trying to integrate them!!! Not so easy sounding now is it…?

The thing is, WordPress will give you a SOLID foundation to grow your website and your online business on. No matter which way your business evolves, WordPress will have your back. That means you won’t have to come back later on and re-do your website from scratch. That is a headache and a half!

Now, many people are put off WordPress because “it’s so complicated…”

Honestly… it’s not as bad as it looks!

If someone gives you a bit of a tour and shows you the ropes, you can build a simple yet extremely professional looking website to be oh-so-proud of in no time.

It’s the whole reason I provide free guided video training courses in my Facebook Group so newbies and technophobes can build their own website that will:

  • Make you extremely proud of yourself for doing so
  • Grow and evolve with your business without having to restart over from scratch
  • Potentially save you THOUSANDS of pounds along the way

With the competition between plugin makers, it drives down prices which is better for us end users. We can have professional platforms to deliver content to our users for a fraction of the price of other platforms.

WordPress itself is free! You only have to pay for hosting your website, and these days hosting companies make it easy to install WordPress (I also show you how easy it is to setup hosting using Siteground, including adding business email and secure certificates that’s another important matter which I explain more detail in the group…) so there’s less hassle there now too.

If you decide you don’t like your hosting company, you simply back up your WordPress website, shut down your hosting account and move to another company and restore your WordPress site. Simple. That’s called freedom.

With Wix, you’re stuck with Wix. That’s it. No moving your website elsewhere.

Personally, I like this freedom to move should I need it. I’m less trapped and more free. I can back up all MY data and store it wherever I feel safe. In fact I do this every month for myself and my clients.

Look, I hope you get the picture. The only benefit to Wix is it’s easy to get started and free. But further on, you’ll feel trapped and will be reliant upon their more expensive services.

You want to know more? Then please reach out to me in the Facebook Group and ask me your questions!

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