What is the Facebook Pixel and why should I be using it?

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To keep it short, the Facebook pixel is one of the best ways to gather data on ideal clients to target them with sponsored adverts.

You may be thinking that you’re not interested or not ready to run Facebook Ads yet.

But read on, the Pixel can be working for you right now, collecting data ready for when you do want to run ads.

So, get ready to get your Pixel installed onto your website ASAP!

The pixel is basically a piece of code hidden away in your website.

Every time your website is visited by a Facebook user, the pixel will add them to a database of people who are potentially interested in your business.

Not only that, it can analyse all the other Facebook users who have a similar profile and it can identify them as people who are potentially likely to meet your client criteria.

Once you’ve gathered a fair amount of pixel data, you can review that data to see who’s engaging with your website.

If you see the data isn’t who you want it to be? You can make changes to your content and marketing messages.

Aside from this analysis, the pixel data works with Facebooks algorithms effectively to help find the right people to reach out to.

There’s additional codes to utilise to target more specific people such as those who are likely to engage (make a comment) on your posts, those who are likely to click links, those who are likely to convert to obtain an offer and those who are active buyers for products or services like yours.

So why is it important to make use of this now?

The more data you can gather with the pixel the more effective it is at providing information.

It’ll also be more effective when you’re ready to run Facebook Ads. It’ll help deliver your advert to the right people making your ad budget more effective and get quicker conversions.

It’s a tool that can be silently working in your favour, ready to unleash its power when you need it to.

Don’t leave it until you want to run ads, it won’t have any data ready to give the algorithm.

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