Website as a Service (Waas)

Let me tell you why my Waas service is more beneficial to you…

Website as a Service (Waas)

Let me tell you why my Waas service is more beneficial to you…

Website as a Service (Waas)

Let me tell you why my Waas service is more beneficial to you…

More than "just" a website...

Many website developers do just that. The provide you with a website and leave you to learn and do the rest.

A website is useless without a marketing strategy to drive traffic and convert to customers. Which is why I focus on a marketing based websites. During our setup phase I will speak to you to understand exactly what you’re after and help you to find a marketing strategy that will work for your business.

But, as your business grows, changes and adapts, your website will have to change and adapt too. Many businesses update their website regularly to meet seasonal needs, such as promotions near to holiday periods.

This is where many small business owners get stuck. They’ve got a website but no-one to update it for them. The original developer is too busy building website for other clients and doesn’t offer any ongoing support.

I want to change all that and work alongside businesses to help them grow and share the journey with them.

With my Website as a Service plan, that’s what you get. Support available from me to make changes to your website as and when you need them, as well as taking care of regular updates, backups and maintenance (which has now become a necessary regular procedure as software is increasingly being updated to keep websites secure, performing better and bug-free)

Website Maintenance Service by Lexi Media Web Design


With a WaaS, your website is backed up, updated and checked monthly to ensure it continues to run smoothly. A monthly report is generated to show stats, traffic and work done on your website.

Training by Lexi Media Web Design

Training & Support

Keep your website running when there's issues. You've got me to help figure out and fix any technical issues as well as being able to implement changes as and when your business needs it.

Marketing by Lexi Media Web Design


Marketing is the backbone that will keep your business running and your website is a central tool in the process. We can regularly review the performance of your website then suggest and implement changes.

As cost effective as buying a website

With all the extras included when your website is setup as well as the ongoing maintenance fees, you’d imaging it is going to be expensive.

The thing is, website design has become easier over the last few years and so it’s not only quicker to build, but also websites can be designed to allow the business owner (or their staff) to do more themselves, such as uploading new products to the website. With a little initial training, you can be more self sufficient and less reliant on your web developer (IE me!) thus helping save costs.

That’s why I’m able to offer more for less… get in touch to arrange a call to find out more

How does it work?

First thing’s first. I develop your website from a marketing perspective to ensure you have a website that is functional and relevant to your business needs. Before the designing begins, I will deep-dive into your business to understand your customers, your products and/or services and the abilities and resources available to your business. We will then work out a strategy to drive traffic and convert to clients. Your website will become the central hub of this strategy and will be designed around it.

Hiring Lexi Media To Build A Website Step 1

1. Initial Discussion

Let’s chat and find out more about each other. I get to learn more about you and your business and you get to ask me questions about my services.

Hiring Lexi Media To Build A Website Step 2

2. Deep Dive

I will spend time with you getting to understand your business, customers, product and services better and provide you with a formal quote.

Hiring Lexi Media To Build A Website Step 3

3. Digital Marketing Strategy

Once I have a better understanding of your business, we can work on a digital marketing strategy which your website will play a core role.

Hiring Lexi Media To Build A Website Step 4

4. Initial Design

Now we know what role your website should play in your business, we can develop an initial design based on the functions needed.

Hiring Lexi Media To Build A Website Step 5

5. Build

We will start the online build process using the relevant platforms and content to suit the marketing strategy. Post build testing will be carried out before launch.

Hiring Lexi Media To Build A Website Step 6

6. Launch!

Once everything is tested and proven to be functioning fine, its time to launch your business website!

Hiring Lexi Media To Build A Website Step 7

7. Marketing Activities

It’s time to trigger the ads, begin the social media promotions and drive traffic to your website. Ongoing analysis will continue to ensure activities are still suitable for your business needs.

Website Maintenance by Lexi Media Web Design

8. Maintain & Update

Regular maintenance and backups will be taken behind-the-scenes so you know your website is always working to it’s best, as secure as possible and should the worst ever happen, it will be taken care of. Plus, when you’re ready to update or add features, I’m here to take care of that too.

Are you ready to get started?

If you’re after an effective, optimised and responsive website for your business, then let’s start the process. Complete a short form giving me more information about your business, your products or services and when we jump on a call, I’ll have a deeper understanding of your needs.

Tips For A Better Website by Lexi Media

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