DIY Website Starter Kit

Get over the starting hurdle to get your DIY website started

DIY Website Starter Kit

Get over the starting hurdle to get your DIY website started

DIY Website Starter Kit

Get over the starting hurdle to get your DIY website started

The DIY learning curve...

Honestly, I’m still learning ALL the time! But, there’s been some huge lessons learned over the years, some very expensive lessons too!

One of the biggest hurdles when starting a website is where you’re going to host it. Believe me, the “big brands” are not always the best. Many don’t offer some very necessary features as standard, which you later realise you need and have to upgrade your subscriptions for. You’ll start to realise how over priced their services are. Another mistake is using cheap hosting. It may be suitable for a very basic website but as you grow your online business, the performance is going to cause you so much issues from pages not loading, slow performance, bandwidth exceeded and, at worst, loss of data. These will only drive customers away from you and towards someone else.

Another area that you will spend so much time investing in is trying to find the right theme, finally learning it then realising it doesn’t support something else you need. You’ll go round in circles. Which is why theme builders are more and more popular offering you the opportunity to custom design everything from scratch and be able to include many more features and tools. Some builders are better than others and I’ve spent a fair few year finding that out! 

For these tow main reasons, I created the DIY WordPress Startup Package which takes care of many issues you’ll find when getting started and drastically reducing the learning curve.

I setup and configure a premium hosing account supplied by one of the best providers in the industry. You’ll get performance now and in the future along with all the necessities for your business like a domain included, personal hosting account access (many do not give you this), SSL certificate to show your visitors your website is secure, business email so you look more professional in your communications.

Plus, you’ll get WordPress pre-installed along with a Premium version of the best-in-the market theme builder, Elementor Pro. I’ll even include a premium site backup and migration tool so you can safely store all your data outside of your serve (on your own computer) so you know your data will never be lost.

All that, plus a quick start training guide to educate you further on your hosting platform, email account and your WordPress account.

DIY Starter Package

Get your business website started
£ 275 (+£240/year renewal)
  • Premium Hosting
  • Domain Included
  • SSL Certificate Installed
  • Business Email Setup
  • WordPress Installed
  • Premium Builder Included
  • Premium Backup Included
  • Quick Start Video Tutorials
Great Value

What's included

All these features are included and provide you with a SOLID foundation for your online business to grow on. Your hosting and your development software will provide you with the freedom to add and improve your online business without limitations, no matter how complicated your website needs to be; including: E-commerce, Online memberships or Online courses and much more…

DIY Website Startup by Lexi Media Web Design

1. Premium Hosting

Never worry about slow performance, data limitations and having to go through the hassle of moving your website. Your website hosting is delivered by one of the best performing WordPress hosting companies around.

DIY Website Startup by Lexi Media Web Design

2. Domain Included

Your domain (EG: is the unique address where people can find you online. I will help you find something suitable for your business.

DIY Website Startup by Lexi Media Web Design

3. SSL Certificate

You wee that padlock in the top left corner (next to That shows that the data submitted is encrypted and secured. There is no excuse to not have an SSL certificate and if you plan on selling online, you MUST have one to ensure payment details by your customers are not intercepted.

DIY Website Startup by Lexi Media Web Design

4. Business Email Setup

What’s the point of an online business without a business email address (EG: [email protected])? It’s a necessity for professionalism and especially if you want to do email marketing. That’s why I make sure it’s included as standard.

DIY Website Startup by Lexi Media Web Design

5. WordPress Installed

WordPress now powers over 35% of all websites worldwide due to it’s open source programming allowing anyone to contribute to it. This has given rise to over 55,000 plugins that gives your website practically ANY ability and at competitive prices too. No other platform can offer this range of abilities which is why WordPress is the go-to platform to build a website on and will allow you to grow in the future. WordPress will be pre-installed for you.

DIY Website Startup by Lexi Media Web Design

6. Premium Builder Included

Themes are limiting and you’ll jump from theme to theme, which is why theme builders are more and more popular. Elementor has become the gold-standard of builder with over 4 million active installs. You’ll get the PRO version of Elementor pre-installed.

DIY Website Startup by Lexi Media Web Design

7. Premium Backup Included

The amount of time that goes into building your website will be precious. Imagine losing all that data, content and design. That’s why I always recommend a backup solution that allows you to store data off-line. So, if the worst ever happened for whatever reason, you have it all stored away safe and secure ready to upload again. You’ll get a premium backup plugin with your package to store your backups on your own computer.

DIY Website Startup by Lexi Media Web Design

8. Quick Start Video Tutorials

What’s the point in giving you all these features with no idea how to use them? The whole point is to drastically reduce the learning curve of building your website. So, you’ll also get some quick-start video tutorials which are easy to follow and will educate and empower you to do more yourself with your new tools.

Total value of this package is £535

That’s not what you’ll pay though. For everything, all setup and ready to go, it’ll cost you:


Some important notes on this service...

This service is offered as an ongoing rental service. Due to software licencing, all websites will remain the property of Lexi Media. Ongoing annual renewal prices are charged at £240 per year or £20 per month. You retain your website data and all content displayed upon the website is owned by you. I will never withhold any of your data from you. If payment is not made, services will be shut down and data may be lost. This is irreversible and I recommend that you make use of the data backup tool to keep safe copies of your data. If you ever wish to close your account, ensure your data is backed up to you can restore it elsewhere. If you wish to keep your domain after closing an account, please be aware the hosting company may charge a small fee to transfer the domain to your new hosting company. There will be a small admin fee of £15 for triggering the transfer process. Domains that do not get renewed may be lost and there is no guarantee that it can be re-bought at a later data. Please ensure renewal fees are paid promptly to prevent any lost domains or data.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions about starting a website or updating your existing website, marketing queries or and questions about the services I provide, please do get in touch. I’m happy to speak to you about you online business needs and you can arrange a zoom call with me to speak face to face where I can answer questions and hopefully share some ideas with you too.

Or, complete this form with your questions and I’ll get back to you!

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