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More than "just" a website...

Many website developers do just that. The provide you with a website and leave you to learn and do the rest.

A website is useless without a marketing strategy to drive traffic and convert to customers. Which is why I focus on a marketing based websites. During our setup phase I will speak to you to understand exactly what you’re after and help you to find a marketing strategy that will work for your business.

But, as your business grows, changes and adapts, your website will have to change and adapt too. Many businesses update their website regularly to meet seasonal needs, such as promotions near to holiday periods.

This is where many small business owners get stuck. They’ve got a website but no-one to update it for them. The original developer is too busy building website for other clients and doesn’t offer any ongoing support.

I want to change all that and work alongside businesses to help them grow and share the journey with them.

Have a look through my services to see how I can provide the website and systems you need for your online business.

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Website as a Service

Everything you need to get started and keep going. All your regular maintenance, backups and updates taken care of to keep your website working and secure. 

And when you need changes making, have a new offer or need a new marketing approach, I’m here for you. I’m beside you on your business journey.

budget build web design by lexi media

DIY WordPress Starter Package

For the budget startup business who wants to DIY their website, you’ll find the hardest part is getting started. Which is why I’ve created this Starter Package.

Get over your initial hurdles, get premium hosting, premium building software and your business email all taken care of… and more! It provides a solid foundation for you to build your business website on and grow with in the future.

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5 Day Website Challenge

My FREE 5 day WordPress website challenge gives you 5 easy lessons that will fast-track you DIY learning, saving you weeks or even months of trial and error learning.

Get a simple one page website with ZERO expense, using free tools and software. This will give you the perfect platform to utilise to practice building your own website.

Courses by Lexi Media Web Design


As a client, you’ll get access to some simple training video’s showing you how to do everyday tasks on your website. Many aspects of the website are built to enable you to easily manage certain aspects which means you’re less reliant upon me (which is more productive and cost effective for you).

I know there’s many people struggling to understand how to build their websites which is why I’ll be creating some courses for you VERY SOON.

Tips For A Better Website by Lexi Media

Download this free guide: Five major things to consider to build a website that is powerful and allows your online business to grow simply drop your email below and it’ll be sent straight to you!