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Imagine a place that’s purely dedicated to you and your PT business.

  • A place where you can share your passion about health and fitness.
  • A place to show the success and results you’ve got for clients.
    A place where the focus is on you and what you do without distraction and without competition.

That place is your business website.

On your website you have the freedom to do whatever you wish. You can engage with your viewers in many, many ways.

On your website your viewers won’t be distracted by other posts from other business and they won’t be shown suggested similar business, AKA, your competition.

On your website, you can arrange your content however you wish, using whatever image sizes you like, whatever colours you want and won’t be censored by trigger words that may get your posts removed by social media.

Having your own PT website is a liberating experience and a powerful way to build, grow and sustain your PT business.

With the freedom to design your website however you wish and integrate the tools you need to effectively and efficiently run your PT business, your website becomes your hub of connectivity to:

  • Bring you new leads
  • Inform viewers of your services quickly and easily
  • Converting viewers to engaged audiences
  • Securing clients
  • Easily allowing booking and paying of services
  • Freeing up time to do more PT and less admin

When visitors view your PT website, they will view you as an established and professional business.

They will have easy access to all the things a professional and established business needs, such as your privacy policies, easy to use contact forms, communication via a business email address and not a personal (Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook) email address.

They can even get easy and quick answers to their questions by having an FAQ section or by trialling your services by accessing sample training guides or tips. (We call these lead magnets and they are delivered to the client automatically, meaning no extra work for you!)

A PT website can be the most powerful tool for your business. Attracting, converting, securing and keeping clients.

The easiest, and hence the first thing people do when researching the right PT for their needs is to go online and look you up.

So if you don’t have an effective online profile, you’re going to be losing out to your competitors who do.

If your online profile is a website all about you, without distractions, with all the professionalism of an established business, you’re going to be the one getting the clients.

Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?

Also sounds costly too, right?

Actually, no!

Websites are no longer build by individual lines of code. Tools are available now that make building websites quicker and easier, hence less costly.

What’s more important is an effective PT website design and strategy, utilising the right tools for your PT business.

And starting with a solid foundation to build upon (you don’t need everything all at once!), which doesn’t cost the earth.

I believe in simplicity and taking things step by step. If you aim for an do-everything website from the very start, you’re going to fail with overwhelm and time will be against you.

Start with the basics and grow each week, month and year. Your PT website will grow as your business does.

If you need technical support with getting your PT website started, get in touch and I’d love to have a chat with you.

I love how, over a cup of coffee, I can educate you to just some of the possibilities of what a website can do for you and your business.

Not only that, I love working side by side and seeing business grow, seeing more result from their clients, and seeing business owners gain more freedom, earn more income and ultimately living their passion.

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