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I always have so much pleasure sharing this simple marketing strategy information with coaches.

The usual response I get when I write down this simple marketing strategy with no fluff or BS is, “is that it?”

Can a marketing strategy be easy?

I know how complex marketing strategies can be and how many marketers in the field really make it sound complicated to fluff up the work they do.

Whilst a marketing strategy can get very complex indeed, you needn’t worry about having something really complicated to begin with.

If you do? It’ll be far too much to setup, manage and fault find with plus it’ll be a waste of your resources and time.

Start with the basics. Get it working. Add extra layers on top as you learn more and grow your business.

In this article, I’ll explain a simple digital marketing strategy you can get to work on straight away.

Here’s what we’re going to cover:

  • What is digital marketing?
  • Why digital marketing?
  • How you can apply this marketing strategy into your coaching business.
  • Added benefits of this strategy.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing refers to the promotion of businesses, services and products via technology, mainly using the internet, social media platforms, interactive displays, mobile phones, tablets, etc.

This differs from traditional marketing which would use printed material, networking, TV/Radio advertising, etc.

Digital marketing has revolutionised how marketing agencies and businesses work to promote themselves.

Why digital marketing?

Traditional marketing was very broad in it’s reach, difficult to target specific types of customers, hard to analyse marketing campaign effectiveness and could be very costly.

Consider a billboard campaign:

There’s the cost to have the images printed in a very large format and for those images to be installed on the billboard.

That billboard is seen by a huge range of passers by. People who drive past and walk past. It’s not targeting a specific niche.

For those who it does reach and inspires a purchase, there’s no way of tracking which billboard was seen, what time it was seen, which image version was seen unless a promo code was used and entered.

Without being able to target specific niches, the campaign will be viewed by thousands, thus have a low conversion rate.

Without being able to track data, it’s difficult to understand how to make improvements to a campaign.

This all adds up to being a costly ad campaign and was previous reserved for big businesses.

Now, if we compare this to a digital marketing campaign that uses Facebook adverts…

Facebook collects a lot of data on it’s users. Specific people can then be targeted, dependant upon their data, with marketing campaigns that would potentially be of interest to them.

Facebook adverts will not be displayed to everyone, only to people that the targeting is set to.

When an advert is displayed, when a button is clicked, liked, commented or shared, Facebook gathers data such as who took action, where they are located, their gender and age.

If we want to improve a campaign, we can then narrow down the targeting even more to get better results.

All this adds up to very low marketing campaigns with higher conversion rates, allowing small businesses, like yours, to run effective marketing campaigns.

How can you apply digital marketing to your coaching business?

A large part of marketing your business these days requires you to go through the process of building trust, showing authority and showing how you can offer value before you can land a high ticket client.

This is where your marketing strategy comes into play in order to bring your client through this process.

Not only do you have the cost and targeting benefits mentioned above, but we have the ability to continue our marketing all day and all night long, every day.

Once you have your content and courses created, you can use digital online platforms to host them and drive traffic to them all day long.

When an interested viewer comes along and decides they want to read more of your messages or invest in your online course.

Platform automation allows this without you having to take action.

That’s payments taken, course content delivered, client data captured and feedback requested, all whilst you get on with what’s important to you.

This automation allows you to reach, teach and offer value to so many more people than you could in person.

This enables you to build a huge online presence and hence a demand for your 1:1 services.

So, lets get to your simple digital marketing strategy…

For this marketing strategy, we need a few things in place first in order to attract attention with new audiences and build relationships, build trust and show your authority in your niche.

These are simply:

  • Lead Magnets (Free things to offer people such as ebooks, quizzes, competitions, group sessions, complimentary sessions, etc)
  • Low priced services which can be delivered to many, easily. (Group coaching, online video courses, books, etc)
  • Your 1:1 coaching package(s) outline. (this will be your premium priced service)

From a users perspective, your campaigns will show up in their news feed and catch their attention.

When they don’t know you, your services, what you stand for, etc, they are highly unlikely to buy from you. An audience at this stage is known as a ‘cold audience’.

This is where your free offer(s) will allow them to look into you further and gain some value too.

As you offer value, you build trust and show your authority.

It’s people who’ve been through this process and obtained enough value from your ‘freebie’ that will continue down your marketing funnel and invest in your low priced course(s).

Again, those who complete the course and obtain value will be the people who hire your 1:1 coaching services.

At each stage of your funnel, your client gives you something in return.

At the ‘freebie’ level (the top of the funnel) your client gives you their contact details and opts into communications with you in exchange for that ‘freebie’.

With a continuous line of communication now open, you can keep offering more and more value to your client via that means.

This can be pre-setup in advance and entered into an automated sequence like in an email auto-responder system.

With the added value, you are bringing your client to the next stage of the funnel where you’ll pitch your low priced service(s).

And the communications will continue to eventually pitch your high ticket services.

As you can see, the theory is relatively simple…

But in practice, it takes some time beforehand to get your services ready.

That will take dedication and patience. That’s what separates successful entrepreneurs from failed business owners.

You’ll have to spend a little time daily just checking up on your processes, doing maintenance and implementing improvements over time.

You’ll also have to keep feeding traffic to your funnel either via paid promotions (such as Facebook Ads) or via organic traffic by posting consistently valuable content in your social media channels.

The marketing strategy is actually the easy bit!

Added benefits of this marketing strategy.

Apart from the obvious benefits of building a huge audience, creating a residual income and landing high ticket clients that will have deep transformations…

There is another huge benefit to this marketing strategy too.

Educating your clients…

As a coach, you have to get over all that sugar coated nicey-nicey small talk that doesn’t achieve anything.

You have to be blunt at times and hold your client accountable, call them out on their BS if needed.

However, go straight in with some new clients who aren’t used to coaching practices or have never experience any sort of coaching before…

And you might scare them away.

So, use the steps in your marketing strategy to become ever more forceful in your approach.

Use the steps to educate them more on what coaching is really about and why it can be so powerful.

Then, when you land them as a high ticket client, they will be prepared for your full coaching services.

There’s more…

OK, so we know the basics now about a very simple marketing strategy and that’s something you can start working on right away.

You can get planning your content and courses that you can provide. You can start scheduling consistent posts to share to drive people into your funnel.

It’s going to take time but you can get started.

There is so much more we could narrow down on about each section, such as learning copywriting, creating effective websites, which communications platforms to use, etc, etc, etc…

I could go on forever.

However, I do have a very good place you can go and grab all the training materials you need to run your digital marketing strategy as well as connecting with many other coaches, taking part in challenges that will improve you and give you a place to reach out for support too…

Find Out More About The OVERSUBSCRIBED Coaches Group

The overview

Be prepared to put in a little work in advance and think about how to build online relationships in order to grow an audience.

Use effective free offers to gain a line of communication to your audience.

Use that line of communication to continuously send out your messages, provide value and build deeper trust – all on autopilot.

Pitch online automated courses to warmer audiences to provide a residual income and even deeper relationships.

Finally, allow those who want to explore coaching deeper to become a core client. As you become more in demand, raise your prices and work long term for massive transformation.

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