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Web Design Frodsham

Lexi Media, serving Frodsham businesses with great websites

You’re passionate about your business…

I’m passionate about mine.

But more than that, I’m passionate about building close and long-lasting relationships with business owners like you who are driven to make your business succeed.

Do you know why 95% of businesses fail?

If you were to research the businesses that stood strong during recessions, you’d find marketing led businesses at the top.

Marketing is the foundation of business yet most companies do their marketing after creating products or services, or others do no marketing at all.

Hence why 95% of new businesses fail.

web design frodsham - lexi media websites and marketing

leximedia.co.uk > web design frodsham

Web Design Frodsham - A marketing centred approach

A website is the hub and the heart of your online business so it’s designed with a marketing centred approach.

It’s not just about fancy design. Your website has functions and roles within your business. It needs to bring in leads, convert visitors to customers. It needs to serve your business to help it launch properly and to grow continuously.

That means analysing your business, your clients, your products and service, then developing a marketing strategy before building your website.

But don’t worry, I do all of this as part of the process. I look at what services and tools will best serve your business. I setup the platforms and integrate them directly into your website.

What that means is you get a complete online systems for your business. A marketing machine that serves to drive business your way, whether that is selling products on line, getting bookings for your services, or bringing people through your shop door.

Web Design Frodsham - Building honest relationships

The online world is a fast-moving and complicated place to be. There’s so much potential and possibility that it’s difficult to know where to turn or who to listen to.

I want to end all the complications and speak to you in a clear and honest way. Not only do I help you understand more, but it empowers and educates you more too, so you have more certainty in your business.

With my “how to” video’s showing you how you can do many tasks yourself, being less reliant upon me and more self sufficient, to my no-lock in contracts which doesn’t hold your website and it’s content to ransom.

Speak with me and I’ll put your mind at ease.

Lexi Media Happy Clients...

leximedia.co.uk > web design frodsham

leximedia.co.uk > web design frodsham

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