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learn wordpress with local by flywheel

Learn WordPress and save on hosting fees with Local by Flywheel

If you’re trying to learn WordPress to develop better-than-ever websites, it’s handy to know where you can save on fees.

Traditionally, you need a hosting account to serve and thus, learn WordPress, but in this video training, I show you how you can host WordPress on your website.

There’s two parts to this video lesson

  • What is Local and how do I install it?
  • Using the Blueprint feature in Local.

It’s always been possible to install WordPress on a computer. However, it requires you to run database simulation software that isn’t the easiest to setup. That’s all a bit technical and there’s a learning curve to doing just that! All you want to focus on right now is to learn WordPress.

But now, Local by Flywheel has made it easy and quick.

learn wordpress with local by flywheel

How does Local help me learn WordPress?

Local provides a “local” installation and serves your WordPress website from your computer. Your internet browser will call the data from your computer and display it. You’d see your website as you would any other website.

As you’re still connected to the internet, it is able to pull in required data, such as installing themes and plugins so you’re able to utilise all the features of WordPress as normal.

Finding your right hosting account takes a bit of research and it all depends on the type of website you need.

If you’re wanting to build data hungry websites such as e-commerce, you’ll need decent hosting, which come at premium prices.

But why pay out for that hosting whilst you’ve only just started to learn WordPress and build your website? Save those costs for now and get on with learning and developing.


Where do I get Local from?

If you Google “Local by Flywheel” you’ll find it up top of the results page.

But here’s a direct link for ease: https://localbyflywheel.com

Flywheel is a premium hosting service and they’ve developed Local to create website offline and easily sync or upload the websites to their hosting account. It’s a great idea!

Local offers a free and paid version depending on your needs. If you decide to use Flywheel hosting, it may be worth looking into the pro version.

However, for your need to learn WordPress, the free version is all you need.


Lets show you how to install Local.

Part 1 – What is Local and how to use it:

Come check out this video where I give an overview of Local, how to install it and how to get going with WordPress.

Local provides a Windows, Mac and Linux version of the software. I’ll be using the Windows version in this video, but I’d imagine the Mac version is going to be almost identical.


What’s the Blueprint feature?

Part 2 – The blueprint feature in Local

The blueprint feature enables you to save a WordPress installation as a foundation for all future WordPress projects. So, if you find something new and want to try it out, you can create a new installation of WordPress in Local with all your standard plugins, themes and settings making it quicker to get going.

It’s also extremely handy if you plan on developing many more websites in the future. You start with your blueprint then build. No going over and over the same setup every time.


Have you used Local already? Have you seen the new add-ons available in Local?

I’d love to know if you’re using any and what you like about them.

It looks like Flywheel are investing more into Local and are spending $1m on funding developers to create add-ons.

Check out this article here: https://getflywheel.com/news/flywheel-announces-1-million-in-development-grants-for-local-dev-fund/


Got any questions about this training?

Feel free to contact me and ask any questions you have about this training or my web design and development services.

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