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Helping coaches, consultants & course creators secure more clients through a professional online presence.

Want to know what will help you become more successful than your competitors? As a coach, consultant or course creator, you’re able to educate your clients to improve their life or business. In fact, done right, you’re able to educate many clients at once without burning yourself out and working all hours. The most successful coaches take a strategic approach to delivering online programmes and courses to multiple clients at once helping them ensure a consistent growth of their practice and a steady income even when they take time off.

The internet now gives everyone (including you!) the ability to build an effective and professional online presence to grow an audience, create more clients and deliver your services to many people on autopilot. With an effective growth system creating demand for your services, you’ll be able to charge premium fees for your 1:1 services, ensuring you get only the most committed and high ticket clients wanting to work with you.

This is where Lexi Media can help you with your practice. Whether you want a complete outsourced system to be developed or whether you just need a helping hand and some guidance on your journey, Lexi Media is here to be your strategic technical partner and help you navigate this online world, effectively.

Lexi Media Custom Websites and Marketing services

Custom Website & Marketing

Your website is the heart of your online business. It’s where your visitors turn to clients. It’s the central hub of all your knowledge and value and it’s the automated marketing machine that is needed to grow your business. From marketing strategy, design, technical build and maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

Lexi Media Template Website

Budget Template Websites

A website provides the basis of your online business. It’s tools and functions will serve your business to help attract, inform and nurture new clients. However if you’re on a budget and don’t need a highly functional website, our template designs will give you a solid foundational website to grow your business on.

Lexi Media Website Training Courses

Website Training Courses

Understanding what’s needed to grow an online business is often underestimated. Many websites are poorly built with no strategy and often it becomes impossible to grow on those poor foundations. In these training courses, I teach you how to build a website on solid foundations that will enable your business to grow.

Mark Lee

Hi! It’s nice to meet you…

I launched Lexi Media originally to build websites for small businesses. However, along the way I found so much mis-information about developing an online business which has led so many coaches and consultants trying to start up themselves without the right advice or support.

I found it incredibly frustrating on behalf of these people who reach a dead end in their journey and often having to start over from scratch. 

So, I decided I wanted to do more than just build websites! I want to help educate and train coaches and consultants to making the right start themselves. A start that will allow them to develop their online business effectively and one that can continue to grow too.

How I Can Help

Online Platforms:

  • Website Design & Build
  • Email Marketing Configuration
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads

Your Platform Needs:

  • E-learning Platforms
  • Membership Websites
  • Blogging & Podcast Websites


  • Digital Marketing Strategies
  • DIY Hosting & Websites
  • Social Media Integration

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We all could do with a helping hand here and there. In the resources section you’ll find tips, tricks and training to help you improve your website and your processes that drive your online business.

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Even if you’re scared of tech and think it’s not possible, you really can have a stunning and professional coaching platforms to serve your clients with better programmes and resources, helping you stand out as the go to coach for your niche.

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